Immense Unlicensed Nuclear Reactor 4000 miles away

Is the Earth’s magnetic field nuclear-powered?

And how does magnetic pole reversal fit into this scenario?


  1. yami wrote:

    My understanding is that the reversals in the Earth’s magnetic field have been seen in wacky fluid-dynamical models of the outer core – no need to resort to funny power sources, any old heat source will do. And in the process of reversing itself, the field turns off for a couple thousand years.
    Radioactivity is already generally accepted as the source of Earth’s heat flow. They’ve never gone into many details beyond that in any of my classes, and not knowing shit about nuclear geochemistry I can’t say how a big ball o’ uranium would differ from many distributed small balls o’ uranium, but something smells of shoddy, overzealous science journalism. I want to read the original article…

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