Well, there’s lots broken. A post and a couple of comments were lost in the upgrade; sorry about that. The photoblog is out of synch. Trackback is funky, in the way of cheese that’s been left out too long. The stylesheets both need tweaking. But hey, there’s two stylesheets now! Check out the view->stylesheets menu if you’re on Netscape 6 or a Mozilla spinoff.

I need a shower, and some lunch, and a few money-making hours as a guinea pig for experimental economists. Things will begin to magically fix themselves tomorrow, probably.


  1. yami wrote:

    Just a test to make sure the comments are still ok

  2. effie wrote:

    yeeah! what happened? what did you do? when did this happen? have you been planning this? eek! i think i just might like it.

  3. yami wrote:

    Oh, yes, I’ve been planning – scattershotwise, of course, because it’s hard to get much done while school is on. But I’m always planning…

  4. green gabbro wrote:

    Slowly but surely, things are improving. Trackback is working, anyway, sort of kind of hopefully. Of course, Trackback is also

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