Slowly but surely, things are improving. Trackback is working, anyway, sort of kind of hopefully.

Of course, Trackback is also shaping up to be little more than a whizbang doodle, at least around here. It’s a way of automating those “I responded to your post on my blog” comments, if you happen to be using a blog-tool that handles Trackback pings (that’s Movable Type, Movable Type and Movable Type). Maybe it will grow to be other, more interesting things; maybe it won’t.

Meanwhile, here is a gratuitous meme seen at leuschke. Any excuse for a ping.

yami is:

  • a complete and consistent environment
  • finally getting the recognition he deserves
  • a small hardware interface
  • the marriage customs
  • typical fishing-practicing people
  • made of shrimp tempura, cucumber and cream cheese
  • the key to the offense


  1. Graham wrote:

    Hey, you auto-pinged! I’m telling!

  2. Kat wrote:

    Damn: I just installed this and now I see something in the new version so nifty I’m going to have to upgrade when I haven’t even gotten my ass around to putting in categories yet.

  3. yami wrote:

    Upgrading is actually fairly easy, though, as long as you don’t run around forgetting to upload some of the files and then restoring from backup before realizing what your mistake was… d’oh!

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