While thinking about all the new 404 messages this php switchover will generate, I stumbled upon the 404 research lab. Far-too-enthralling collection of unique error messages – note the fishku and fighting cows.


  1. grid wrote:

    OMG the fighting cows are AWESOME!!! My all time favorite 404 was this one we passed around here at work awhile back… let me see if I can find it:
    (The garrish “in memory of” thing kinda ruins part of the discovery, if you ask me. I don’t remember that being there.)
    I love 404s.

  2. grid wrote:

    oh yeah, nice stylesheets too.

  3. Graham wrote:

    You might also think about rewriting URLs to fix all those 404′d html pages and convert them on the fly to .php. It doesn’t look too terribly bad, and kinda fun.

  4. yami wrote:

    Good point, and taken care of. But I’m not quite up to fixing regexps for all the revamped directory structures just yet…

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