Someone Needs a New Brain

Someone forgets what her mother told her, and sends in:

I wanted to write something nice, but worms just ate my brain.

I wanted to extend my warmest condolences, but I’ve just been watching Iron Chef, and you’re making me think of marinades. If sophisticated worms are going to eat your brain, you should be sure to marinate it in a nice port. Port is delicious.

Someone else is a little more helpful:

to have the default value of text-entry boxes such as this one show up
neatly aligned in Netscape/Mozilla, instead of showing up partially, add to the
<form> tag style=”line-height: 100%”. This took me way too long to figure out the
other day. enjoy )

hmm, just went to the toilet and suddenly realized I should have been a bit
more exact and figured I’d let you know that you need to add the span=”line-height:
100%” to every <input> line of the form (except the hidden ones since they don’t show anyhow) and not just the <form> tag. in fact, you can leave it out of the <form> tag altogether. *plunk*

Absolutely brilliant. I notice the difference – do you?


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    I am NOT a she! Even though worms ate my brains, I can still tell the difference!
    Anyway, I have to agree that not very many things compare to a nice vintage port. Mmm …

  2. yami wrote:

    Just using a creative new generic pronoun, that’s all… you’re lucky I didn’t call you an it!

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