New Stylesheets

Bored again, made two new style sheets. One is the bright yellow and purple layout I’ve always wanted to have the moxie to make. The other just has some celery greens. Let me know if they’re unreasonably disfunctional, eh?


  1. Will wrote:

    Just a note if you use the Celery Greens stylesheets, your comment window has black text on a black background.

  2. des wrote:

    When I was a grad student I customised the colour scheme of my CFD software to yellow and purple, and used the same colors for a toy spreadsheet program they made me write for a lab (on 286s! Ugh!).
    But then I went to work for
    where they do that sort of thing for real – the R&D building was purple and lilac throughout. It soon became clear that you can have too much purple.
    I think I’ll stick with Uncle Ole, for the time being.

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Humbug. Using the “I like monkeys” box on the frontpage results in the error: “Sorry, can’t run from here.”
    Hey, get over it. There is nowhere to run to anyway. I get depressed seeing paranoid software in action.
    Anyhow, I was going to say:

  4. ester wrote:

    the yellow and purple doesn’t require moxie, it requires color-blindness. how can i return to my mild, beloved white backgrounded state?

  5. yami wrote:

    ester – there’s a “try changing style sheets” link on the sidebar; that’ll bring you to the same script that ruined everything, only with more options. *g*
    anon – huh? I can’t duplicate your error at all. I’ll look through the server logs, though.

  6. Still Life wrote:

    Well, *I* like the yellow and purple layout (of course, I’m also on record as being colour-blind…)

  7. Kat wrote:

    There was a guy in my intro to CS class who liked color schemes like this. It was in his honor that the prof later added the requirement that the color schemes for the user interface not be disgusting.

  8. Steph wrote:

    I just read the last comment, and it made me laugh and snort (luckily no one seemed to hear me, and then I happened to notice that the comment was made by Kat. It figures!! You crack me up, Kat. I’m going to hire you as my court jester (assuming you won’t charge too much, seeing as I’m just about broke).

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