Golden Rule vs. Satanist Credo Payoff Matrix

Christian game theory. Homosexuality revealed as a zero-sum game! Pascal’s wager revisited! My spleen vents frustration with a quick sideways shudder.

As you can see, the same science of Game Theory that I and my fellow Defense Department tacticians used to defeat the Godless Soviets during the Cold War can be used to defeat Godlessness here in our own land.


  1. francis s. wrote:

    Where do you find this stuff, yami? What I found even more hilarious was the Shut Down Landover Baptist stuff…

  2. des wrote:

    If “all gambling games – which the Lord considers to be a form of the sin of covetousness – are zero-sum games” does that mean Pascal went to Hell after all?
    I’d like to think so.

  3. des wrote:

    And while I’m being inappropriately pedantic, the preview button told me:

    Build error in template ‘Comment Preview Template’: Error in tag: You used an ‘MTCommentBody’ tag outside of the context of a comment; perhaps you mistakenly placed it outside of an ‘MTComments’ container?

    (I thought we were going to get punished after death?)

  4. yami wrote:

    I have a secret cave of underachieving grad students to browse the web all day for me.
    And why is it that I always discover my nitpicks independently, but only after someone else has commented about them in the next entry? That’s like missing left socks, somehow.

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