Sild Tamale?

First off, I made some fruity tofu kugel tonight, and it was quite good. The sort of recipe I’d recommend to my family, except it really needed some cream of mushroom soup and maybe chow mein noodles on top. Mom, here’s the recipe site I was talking about.

Second off, there has got to be a Scandinavian take on the tamale. I’m enthralled by the form—clever little flour pockets! It’s like frozen food with corn husks and kitchen cred!—but not by the filling. Initially I thought: bacon, cheese, more bacon, ham. Then I thought: I’m off red meat, what about pickled herring? Some rye flour, some herring, a little parsley and a lot of remoulade – it’d be fiskilicious!

Do bad things happen when you boil pickled herring? Someone please tell me what a bad idea this is. And remind me not to watch two-hour Iron Chef fusion cooking specials.


  1. Rasmus wrote:

    I believe a boiled pickled herring will turn into mush. At best.

  2. Still Life wrote:

    Yeah, I was afraid I’d OD on both of those 2 two-hour specials on Sunday night [did you prechance view both the 2000th plate battle *and* the IC’s vs. the French battle?] meself, so I judiciously (?) channel-hopped between those, WWE wrestling, the Cartoon Network and Comedy Central (I am a couch-potato professional — kids, don’t try this at home…)

  3. yami wrote:

    I only saw the French battles – started during the first showing of the 25-hour lobster match, so when they replayed that, I wandered off and forgot about going back for the 2000th plate extravaganza.

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