Sapirior Speech

Oh ho ho, I just crack myself up with my clever titles! The speech in question, you see, is E-Prime, a novel form of English without the verb “to be”. Using E-Prime makes for good writing, but the discipline has attracted more than its fair share of evangelical acid heads, who claim that using “to be” moves one’s worldview into a harsh Aristotelian regime. Thus the clever pun on Edward Sapir. I am so smart, S-M-R-T.

Anyway, check out the comment thread on The Naked Tiny discussing whether or not E-Prime and queer theory should have a fight. I don’t have much to add to the discussion, aside from pointless E-Prime bashing… but it’s an interesting question nonetheless, and a fight I’d like to see.


  1. des wrote:

    Gah! Blaming the utterly lovely Edmund Sapir for the wretched Sapir-Whorf hypothesis will be illegal when I rule the world.

  2. yami wrote:

    But there was no available pun for Whorf…

  3. des wrote:

    Oh well, if you need a pun then that’s different. As you were…

  4. Naked Tiny wrote:

    In this corner, weighing in at ‘Something Like’ 240 pounds, E-Prime!
    In this corner, weighing in at ‘None of your damn business, bitch!’, The Queer Community!
    *bitchslap* I -AM- GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS!
    *right hook* It seems unlikely!
    *bitchslap* I -WAS- GOING TO TAKE IT EASY ON YOU!
    *JabJabJabCROSS* I feel grateful!
    At the end of round one, the Queer Community comes out with some much needed vitriol, and a whole lot of definitives. E-Prime’s looking a little shaken…

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