Tour de Gym

The guy next to me on the StairMaster was climbing imaginary stairs like he was a champion cyclist. He was bent over the display, gripping the handlebars as though his balance depended on it. Every few seconds he would glance over his shoulder to check for the competition – or possibly he was trying to flirt with someone on the exerbikes.

I don’t like to imagine what I look like at the gym; I know it must be silly. After all, everyone else looks silly, even the guy who clearly spends his every waking moment in the corner with the free weights. But they put mirrors up. So I know I look like I have a stick up my butt that’s going to explode out my cheeks any minute. But I don’t hang on to the equipment for dear life, ever. So there.


  1. Kat wrote:

    *I* have held on to the equipment for dear life… me with my characteristic lack of grace trying to change directions on the elliptical trainer. Don’t even get me started with the spinner — yes, I know there’s a little knob to change the resistance, but I’m always looking for the hand brake…
    I too am comforted by the knowledge that I look no sillier than anyone else. Most of the time.

  2. yami wrote:

    The elliptical trainers scare the jeebus out of me. I always feel like my hips are going to fall off, or jump off and do a little dance.

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