On a first sweep through the career fair, it appeared the tech sector economy was improving: the selection of recruitment toys was nowhere near the giddy heights of February 2000, but there were some clever folding water bottles, a sprinkling of t-shirts and tote bags, and many nearly novel novelty keychains. On a second sweep, it became apparent that about quarter of the companies there were the government (including all the ones with clever folding water bottles or tote bags), and fully half were private contractors for the Department of Defense. D’oh!

By-the-bye, I promise this blog isn’t dead yet. It’s just resting; pining for the fjords, if you will. I’ll remember how to string two sentences together without putting hats on my letters or using the phrase “without loss of generality” and then you’ll see.


  1. des wrote:

    So long as you don’t actually pronounce it “wlog” there’s still hope.

  2. grid wrote:

    yay for fjords!

  3. Kat wrote:

    “Without loss of generality” is a fine phrase. ANd you can put all the hats on your letters you want as long as you don’t expect your non-Scandinavian audience to know what the hell to do wiht them.

  4. Anonymous wrote:

    Hats don’t make sense. Hats merely denote that everything was probably a Fourier transform of something else at some point, regardless.

  5. Graham wrote:

    It’s pronounced, “wuh-logarithm”.

  6. ester wrote:

    okay, yami, this resting is getting old. come on back now. come on.
    don’t go the way of william …,

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