Not Dead Yet

Grease! Grease! Drip for us!

I suppose it’s bad form to let one’s front page scroll to nothingness. I’ll try to stop doing that from now on. While I’m de-scrolling, there are some more chatterbox voices from the void:

i like donkeys

Dude, I think that’s illegal. Or else not tasty. Or possibly both (probably both, if you’re in Georgia). In any case, them’s fightin’ words, mate.

which would win in a fight? Fourier or Z-transform?

I have no doubt that Fourier could defeat the Z-transform; after all, he survived the French Revolution and has fists, while the Z-transform has only polynomials. His eponymous transform wins points for ubiquity, but loses twice as many for appearing in trickier spots on problem sets. My prediction: knockout in three rounds, but not until the Z-transform has suffered a nose bleed and had its boxing shorts ripped off (to the intense flusterment of several spectators who would really rather have left that sort of thing to the imagination).

I love how they crash and crumble, resting between the sweet thighs of mainland.

Orogenies like that are also best left to the imagination.

Truth comes in many forms. I am not one of them and that’s no lie.

You mean smart ass paradoxes are the foundation of reality? Say it ain’t so! Or at least write a rambling blog entry about the matter, quick!

Papa Blog: We’ve got to blog the magic blog,
or else Blogamel will blog the blog away!
Brainy Blog: That’s obvious, Papa Blog. If you
blog the blog equations, you’ll blog to the
obvious blogclusion that —
Blogette: Lookout! It’s Blogamel! With his
evil Blog!
All the Blogs: Oh no! Blog for your lives!
We’re blogged! Blog me! Run for the blog!
Save the blogs!(etc)


  1. Graham wrote:

    Using the following code in your main index will keep it from going blank in the future. You need to have Daily archiving turned on, but need not link to it or anything.
    <MTArchiveList archive_type=”Daily” lastn=”N”>


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