My Kidneys Explode

Midterms make me want to throw things. Especially the way they work around here – we have an officially designated midterms weekend, over which we are expected to study for and take our exams, while the week before we have problem sets as usual. For added fun, on Friday I must hang out with lawyers and bring coffee to judges at some fancy-schmancy law conference.

Trying to be sympathetic, most profs are giving out no homework next week, but this will not stop me from turning into a quivering blob of jelly by a week from Tuesday.

No posts this week. If I do post, smack me.


  1. yami wrote:

    Actually, they’re not trying to be sympathetic. They’re trying to reduce their own workload; no one likes grading midterms. I give people too much credit. Bah.

  2. grid wrote:


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