None of the Above

I was taking my last midterm this afternoon when a car drove by, with a speaker mounted on top, telling me to Vote Democrat in the same voice you’d use to tell people to Please Disperse Immediately after you’d found a great sale on pepper spray. It was quite a disappointment to peek out the window and see a brown sedan – a plain white van with painted windows would have made great theater. Or perhaps an armored SUV of some kind. The awkward postered blob car was just silly. So then I was glad I hadn’t voted for many Democrats.

The thing about going third party is that I always have these twinges of regret once the polls are closed, even though I still think Gray Davis is a doody-head and we’d be better off with a slightly flaky fuzzy man from the fuzzy flaky party. Sixty percent of Angelenos think Davis is a doody-head, apparently, even the ones who voted for him, so for once I’m not alone. Maybe we all just like to use the word “doody-head” in political discourse.

It’s the sort of thing I should crab at – faced with a slate of doody-heads, most people just stayed home. It’s probably a sign that something is broken, and we need a charismatic politician to fix it for us. A “none of the above” option would be nice. But I’m too exhausted to care, because school has eaten up all my stress and angst and bitterness for the month. Yay physics!

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