Rrrrr-awwwrrrerrr! says the leaf blower

Speaking of blogging about gardening… Mondays are landscape maintenance days in this little block of student housing, and today they brought out the leaf blower. A large he-boobied man had the blower backpack on, and every so often you could see him raise his black extendo-arm and rev the motor, blowing a quick riff into the sky. He blew bits of dust off the sidewalk and onto the lawn for a while; then he switched gears and blew bits of lawn onto the sidewalk. Tired after a couple hours of that, he blew some cigarette butts back into the lawn and left.

I am one step closer to becoming a crochety old lady who goes to city council meetings, to bang the podium with my umbrella and demand an insanely restrictive noise ordinance. Or else grabbing a handful of radioactive waste from the fridge and holding the whole block hostage until everyone agrees to let me use their lawns as my private organic spinach farm.


  1. Still Life wrote:

    Ya know, I never thought I’d see the phrases “radioactive waste” and “organic spinach farm” in the same sentence…

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