Committee Committee

I’m on a committee that makes more committees; Caltech’s student government is brilliant like that. Over the past two nights, we’ve spent 10 hours interviewing students to fill up our 9 latest, greatest committee creations. If I hear one more person talking about how they wanted to give back to the community, and serving on some random committee seemed like a good way to do it, I’m going to break out in stripes.

It’s interesting that people without an ax to grind tend not to be appointed to committees here; I haven’t decided whether or not this is a good thing, and I’ve no oomph left to ruminate. Thank goodness the Dean hands out free homework extensions like candy if you’re doing Important Committee Work.

Also, I need a machine that chews my cud for me, and spits out profoundly silly sound bytes.


  1. francis s. wrote:

    It’s always better to be on the committee that appoints committees, rather than on a committee appointed by the committee committee. It tastes great and it’s less filling.

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