Someone’s Dinner

Just as I am about to hit a bout of self-pity (conveniently overwhelming my physics set) someone comes along to remind me of the good things in life:

kumquats and rutabagas

Mmm, kumquats. Life is better with funny-named foods.


Indeed, indeed. Indeed.


Indeed, indeed. Indeed.

Jeg dr mte stjerneklart om vinden …

Virkelig? Så behøver du en rejse, eller måske du har nogen bitterhed til din job. Fortælle mig om din mor.

Parseval’s realtion

Parseval’s relation

Ah, I see. We’ll switch to English, then; after all, I cannot practice psychoanalysis in a language I do not speak. Have you ever felt intimidated by the mathematical accomplishments of your mother’s relative? What relation is Parseval to your mother, anyway, and has he ever made fun of you for stuttering?


That’s hardly a sensible relation. You’re clearly not taking this therapy seriously. I give up.

I need the info so I dont fail science.

No no: if I give you the info, you’ll never construct it for yourself and it will remain forever meaningless. You should find yourself three test tubes, scissors, some cardboard, a goldfish and a ruler, and go from there.

do you want the beef or the fish?

The fish.


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