Holiday Someones

Although I have a large amount of cryptic fan mail to catch up on (and when I say large, I am telling a gentle underwhelmement, as the spout box was held hostage a while back by a Flabbergastingly Bored Someone) it’s all hiding in a file on my computer at home. So I’ll pick up just where Someone was beginning to lose his or her tenuous grip on reality:




Indeed. Ask your Mother when she gets home. We’ve always thought your mom was a spy. And a big slut. She had shifty bedroom eyes. Just look at this:

i like flowera

i like hobbits

See? Disgusting. Communist. A danger to the nation’s youth.

I am a hobit fancier >=D what are you?

Me, I’m into elves (as any democratic socialist of moral fiber would be) – though I still haven’t seen the movie; no point in it since I’d only fall asleep half way through. Hopefully I’ll get ’round to it after Santa’s Birthday (it’s now been three hours without Vicodin, and I only hurt as badly as menstrual cramps, hooray!).

Also in the news chez gabbro, I euthanised an old pair of jeans today. It’s sad, giving up on something you’ve already patched past death – like losing a beloved pet that also helped you not have to do laundry so often. However, their memory will live on, as I used bits off their legs to fix another, more beloved pair, which I am bound and determined to transform into zombie-pants made of nothing but patches. Rest in peace in my grandmother’s quilting stash, pants.


  1. Eloriane wrote:

    you make it sound like it was the same person who didn’t know and who liked hobbits…I’ll have you know they weren’t!
    I like hobbits! and I…well, I don’t know if I know because I don’t know what whoever it was didn’t know…but…er…that wasn’t me!
    and now my brain hurts…geez. I need to stop chatting and go eat something.
    I always feel dazed when I don’t eat.
    you see, I get hyper when I eat so I think I should just not eat but when I say that people say “NO, Laura, that’s BAD for you!”
    oh well
    maybe eating is a good idea after all
    then again, I ramble if I’m hyper and I ramble if I’m dazed so either way I ramble. I might as well be thin and rambling.
    what am I saying?
    *wanders off to stuff face with christmas cookies* mmm, tasty

  2. yami wrote:

    Your pesky facts will ruin the narrative.

  3. Rasmus wrote:

    I like Ents. Only I like them better in writing. I like Gollum too … no. Not like that.
    Look forward to the film. If you liked the first one. Lots of elves.

  4. Eloriane wrote:

    but facts are good!
    how many people read the comments anyway?
    and a narrative is better if it’s truew. my narratives can’t be explained. feel lucky that yours can.
    I like the ents too. but gollum is sad.
    and I liked the elves too, even thought hobbits are better, not enough hobbits.
    I cried during the bit with haldir. I justnlove haldir. he’s my favorite elf.

  5. Kat wrote:

    My favorite pair of jeans had been worn so much they now have holes in the butt. I am still debating whether to throw them out or just wear them with purple-and-black bestriped stockings underneath.

  6. yami wrote:

    Oooh, stockings, definitely! Though if you have access to a sewing machine, the butt is not a hard place to patch up.
    More importantly, Kat, where on earth do you find purple and black striped stockings? The closest I’ve come lately has been argyle ones at Target, which were cheaply made for skinny people & a great disappointment…

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