Orange Doodle Bomb

  1. A giant lava lamp would probably convince me to visit eastern Washington. I just hope these people realize that building a giant lava lamp is not going to attract the sort of genteel RV drivers who visit the nearby Grand Coulee Dam…
  2. If I’d known being a lesbian would get me out of gym when I was in 8th grade, I would’ve pretended to be one before you could say “heteronormative”. But it’s nice that there are people willing to sue over these sorts of things.
  3. I saw a guy make music from feedback on his Powerbook mic last night. I use the word “music” in a loose way here, as his performance had slightly less structure than your average 5th grade jam session, but it was certainly a performance and damned entertaining.
    This was in the context of a grand festival of avant garde electro-acoustical nonsense, an evening full of people who sat in the dark behind their computers and pressed buttons. Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but I hate going to shows where I can’t see the performers (unless, possibly, there’s a dance floor, but even then I can only spend so much time oscillating between dancing and gasping for breath); I wish all the trendy computer-assisted musicians would hurry up and find a good way to amplify and display their movements.
  4. Did I mention that I’ve been back at classes for a week? I have. And there was no snow while I was home, which was absolutely heartbreaking, but that’s life. At least my garden didn’t die while I was gone.
  5. Good night, and sweet dreams to you all, especially if it happens to be morning when you read this. I’m going to bed.


  1. ester wrote:

    ironically p.e. class made me straighter. i never would have shaved my legs — at least not so early — if the boy next to me hadn’t brought my hair to my attention.

  2. Eloriane wrote:

    I spent most of my elementary school gym life falling down and then crying (quite convincingly, actually) to avoid actually doing anything for more than 5 minutes. It worked most days, but I had to give it up when my best friend started getting really worried about me. Now I go to a junior high/high school with no gym class at all.

  3. Ferro Lad wrote:

    Regarding avant-electronic music performance practice: I’ve not yet had that much experience at it, but when I envision myself in that context, it’s usually in some variation of Andy Kaufman’s Mighty Mouse routine…

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