Speaking of North Korea (I wasn’t, but seems like everybody else has been, so what the hell) a friend of mine told me something interesting over break. Supposedly, back in the days of proper war, the North Koreans would torture their prisoners until they’d stay put without restraints. Most of the time it worked, but out of every group, there were one or two who just kept running away every time they turned their backs. These people were all Midwestern agnostics.

God only maybe knows if this is even a little bit true… but if it is, it means I’m unbreakable. Haha! Take that, you forces of evil!

Also, my housemate introduced me to the joys of Chumbawamba the other day; it’s good stuff, particularly the old Gulf War protest songs, and you should all sing along.


  1. Eloriane wrote:

    Hm, I might be a Midwestern agnostic too. Depends on whether or not Kansas is the midwest.
    : )
    My friend Christine loves Chumbawumba. She’s a senior (in highschool).
    I have a new blog! my other one was archiving my newest entries and leaving my oldest ones on the main page so I had to try again — go look!
    wow, three completely unrelated “paragraphs” in one comment…

  2. yami wrote:

    Kansas is probably the Midwest – I always thought “The Plains States” was a bullshit classification anyway.

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