Link Fest Rama Lama Ding Dong

  • You’ve seen it before (most likely via Simon), but now you’ll see it again: the advertising slogan generator. It takes a tough man to make a tender Green Gabbro.
  • My new personal motto is “Try Mild!”
  • Tom Tomorrow cites the Iowa City Press-Citizen as a prime venue for astroturf activism. Which is no surprise to those of us who actually grew up in Iowa City – the Press-Citizen walks a monkey-shit-strewn line between respectable local journalism and folksy small-town news, usually partaking of the worst of both worlds. My high school journalism teacher used to pull all his bad examples from it.
  • Someone sent along a picture of a kitty in a glass. I want a kitty.


  1. Ferro Lad wrote:

    …you know, there’s probably a very terrible, sick joke one could make re: the kitty picture using the words ‘blender’ and ‘protein shake’, but I’m not going to do that…
    [I loves my kitties…really…]

  2. yami wrote:

    Terrible and sick… but too obvious to be very funny, I think. Proper sick jokes need to be absolutely unexpected…

  3. zadlow wrote:

    As a criminal justice major, and therefore an expert on sick jokes, I’d have to agree with Yami on this one.

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