Mystery Root

My bag of discount yams came with two mystery roots – or perhaps it’s more accurate to say one and a half mystery roots.

some tubers on a table

What are these things, and how do I eat them?


  1. Kat wrote:

    I don’t know what they are. But I would boil them until soft and try them mashed. Worth a shot.

  2. vlad wrote:

    shred and add spices.

  3. yami wrote:

    I was thinking of deep-frying, actually… maybe one fried, and one boiled.

  4. Eloriane wrote:

    I go with boil. you can boil anything and it’ll be edible. and then maybe add salt.

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    A parsnip maybe? I’m just guessing.

  6. francis s. wrote:

    I’m trying desperately to think of a horrible pun about Yami finding her roots in a bag of Yammies. But it’s just not working quite right.

  7. yami wrote:

    Probably because Yammies are what you wear to bed. But it’s the thought that counts. =)

  8. chris wrote:

    fondue that shit!

  9. Anonymous wrote:

    might be taro??

  10. Steph wrote:

    Cooking advice from Kat – interesting! And all this time I thought she didn’t even know how to boil water!

  11. yami wrote:

    The latest best estimate (after seeing a pile of similar things at the grocery store) is “sweet potato, but the kind that’s not orange”. They were stir-fried, and tasted okay, but I like the orange kind of sweet potato better.

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