My computer has been making revving noises lately, like it’s trying to impress a pretty girl at a stoplight. I’m worried about what’ll happen when the light turns green and it tries to drive off – the last time something like this happened, my power supply turned to slag.

However, I have learned to my delight that teaching at a low-income school will cause my student loans to magically disappear. Perhaps I should see about digging myself a bit deeper in debt to buy a laptop.


  1. Eloriane wrote:

    Hey, at least your computer is making revving noises. My computer sounds like it was trying to go up a hill but didn’t make it so it sort of slid down and off the road and landed in a ditch and burst into flames and now nothing is left but the charred remains of something that was once usedul.
    Which is pretty close actually, except that it wasn’t too useful even before I started downloading and saving stuff.

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