Someone’s Back

I admit this is a cheap device for when I don’t have anything to say. But since when has this blog been anything but cheap?

when two lesbians are going out and they say ladies first,.. who goes first?

When one woman, lesbian or not, says “ladies first” to another, it’s an invitation to a slut contest. The women involved must quibble at length over who is the least ladylike, making crude noises and bringing up unwholesome details of their own sex lives. The discussion may even devolve into a penis size fight, though the penises referred to are usually tucked safely away in a bedside table.

what is a google?

“It’s what you do when you see a booble,” says the resident expert over my shoulder.

i luv dolphins

And you’re not alone.

so…how was your valentine’s day? get any tasty chocolate? *wink*

Well, yeah, I did, actually. Why are you winking at me like that?

i hate stray cat

I hate you too, you heartless squirming melted strawberry nougat shell of a human being.

what is ceiling wax, anyway?

It’s the opposite of floor wax. Duh!

Ah, the failings of Western Zen. How delicate! How blissful!


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