Cartoon Driving Television

We drove behind a van full of money on the way to the forest today:

a blue van with dollar signs on the back windows

Thought about hijacking it somehow, but decided it would be more fun to go on a walk as originally planned.
Meanwhile, I’ve been having disappointingly mundane dreams lately. Mostly computer-using physics dreams, plus a couple nights ago, I dreamed I was watching a new episode of Gilmore Girls.

So the dream was that Lane’s mom, after one too many failed set-ups with attractive young Korean boys, decides that Lane must be a lesbian. The details are fuzzy after that, but I woke up and realized that there are no gay people in Stars Hollow. There’s something deeply suspicious about that. Gilmore Girls is preparing to jump the shark with silly pregnancy flashback episodes; I imagine when the jumping gets serious, someone will have to come out. Hmm.


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