Gibbs Strikes Again

I’m not sure why everyone is so worried about this Saddam-Iraq-invasion-explosion affair. After all, we got rid of Saddam ten years ago, at the end of the Gulf War; we had to use time machines to do it, but we did it, and everything worked out okay. These things we’ve got now, with the George Bush and the shaky economy and the bullshit posturing, they’re just aliasing in the time stream. History wants to be continuous, you see, so when the nutballs in Washington run their sooper-seekrit notch filters to excise the enemies of America, things get confused. Gibbs phenomena, it’s called.

After five hours of intense calculation, I have placed my Bomb Iraq Betting Pool money on April Fool’s Day.


  1. elli wrote:

    [It seems I’ve finally been hit by comment-spammers; the URL of a poorly designed Ponzi site has been removed. I couldn’t even figure out what the pyramid purported to sell at its bottom. –yami]

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