Green Mung Beans

So they give us money to throw student-faculty mixers. And we spend this money on wine and cheese for all. So I’ve had just enough alcohol to answer the random someones. Also, there was a spam in my mailbox from the world’s largest exporter of green mung beans from China, whose name was Nanjing Mega-Profit Trading Co.

Yay, communism!

It was not clear how the monkeys escaped from a fenced area outside the research facility Tuesday, said James Hartman, a spokesman for the St. Tammany Parish sheriff.

Go monkeys!

i like penises

Of course you do,! Just look at your IP address!

i LOVE hobbits

i like hobbits

We know what you really meant. Get back to the forest with the monkeys, where you belong.

i need aliens


where can you find it

Over there. Geez. There’s nothing clever to say.


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