Tenure’s No Damn Good!

So I’m up in the computer lab on a Saturday afternoon, trying to finish my one remaining class from last term – not succeeding terribly well, of course, since I’m blogging instead of working, but the lab will get done eventually. Right now, I have to express my discomfort with the large number of professors in the building with me, working quietly and doubtless productively inside their offices. The same ones who are easy to track down during the week, because they’re usually in their offices, working quietly and doubtless productively.

These people have lives. They have families. They have tenure.

Makes me glad I’m not staying on in academia.


  1. des wrote:

    A guy I met in Venice was on sabbatical from the US and he was surprised that the security guards came round the building and threw everyone out at closing time (and they weren’t allowed in at weekends, either). Apparently they got fed up that it was always the same people, including, of course, him. Silly Americans! (My boss is usually in at the weekends, and always on Bank Holidays. He’s American, too.)

  2. yami wrote:

    Maybe I just need to move. But it looks like the people buying my next ticket to Copenhagen are a little short on cash…

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