No Swift For Me

Why is it that all of the cheap little cars are an hour and a half away from me in Riverside? It makes this whole purchase process very tricky, since even if I find a decent prospect it sells by the time I can find a ride out to visit it.

Pah. That car probably had all kinds of severe mechanical problems the woman wasn’t telling me about. The alternator would have exploded as soon as I got behind the wheel. And I didn’t want a red one anyway. Stupid car.

Oh, and in case my last entry was confusing – I’m not actually done with classes yet. I coud still theoretically flunk physics and not graduate, and in any case I’ve got three weeks of class plus finals to deal with, and won’t graduate until the middle of June. It’s just that my schedule is very light this term.


  1. Manger wrote:

    There’s a 1974 perfectly restored 340 Duster 15 minutes from my house! Booyah! BTW, for info about the “Cvic subculture” go to my site and check out the links.

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