Art Cars

So I’m going to turn the Metro into… something. With paint. Inspirations: Planet Karmann, Purple Passion, GreenMobile.


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh, God! Why did they do that to a poor, defenseless first-gen AMC Hornet?! WAHHHHHH!!!!
    *sniff* *sob*

  2. yami wrote:

    See, I really like the little flowery doodles around the lettering on the trunk. And also the plastic flower antenna. What I really want to know is why the Green Party would co-opt an ancient gas-guzzler and not, say, a Geo Metro…

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    Actually, early ’70’s AMC Hornets were praised for their low insurance rates and better fuel consumption. Just don’t get me started on yuppie retards in SUV’s.
    S. U. V.
    t r e
    u b h
    p a i
    i n c
    d l

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