Someone’s At It Again

jimmy, do you want to explode now?

Well, not really. Do I have to?

fly fly fly

Apparently so. Ouch. I don’t like flying.

whatever you do, remember to drink your water. for the love of god, DRINK YOUR WATER!!

Look, I know an explosion can be very dehydrating, but this is just silly. Shouldn’t I be worrying about more important things? Like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Or that bit about me exploding?

Don’t hit me with that board like I was some kind of dolphin. Thanks.

That wasn’t me. That was the Israeli Army. And also a tuna fisherman.

my magic 8 ball says you smell like poo!

Dude. Your magic 8 ball doesn’t even have a nose. Have you ever considered a Ouija board instead?


See? Princesses don’t smell like poo, so there.

I still want to be a monkey pirate.

Yeah, me too. But I’m not really qualified – you need at least three years experience in the pirate or monkey industries before you’ll even be considered for a monkey pirate gig. Damned job market.

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