Tara, I Hate You

I just woke up from a dream wherein the job I wanted was given to some girl named Tara, because she “seemed really cute”.

I wasn’t about to see Legally Blonde 2, but now there’s no way I’m going anywhere near that film until I’m safely employed. Stupid cute girls getting jobs. Stupid Tara. Grr.


  1. Jeff wrote:

    Yeah, i freakin agree, I hate Tara too. Shes a little freak, that job stealing biznaish. Tara, if your out there i just want to let you know I FREAKING HATE YOUR STINKING GUTS!!!!
    love always,

  2. Sai wrote:

    i hate Jeff. He stinks like pumpkin. You stink so much, you need to shower. hahaha

  3. brian wrote:

    i hate tara to she thinks she is so funny. and thats not even that bad. but every time she makes a joke. funny or not funny. she says ” oh i’m so funny.” i hate tara and specificially i hate tara y

  4. yami wrote:

    Um. Right.

  5. laur wrote:

    i hate tara m**** she is such and ediot

  6. nick wrote:

    tara is a stupid bitch

  7. Martin wrote:

    I hate tara l******, she is a bitch too!!!

  8. Anonymous wrote:

    I Like TARA M****!!!

  9. Natasha K. wrote:

    Ilove Tara.Shes da best.U all a bunch a poos!!!!!
    Taras my best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. tara.k wrote:

    Ihate natasha so much, shes way to nice and she never leaves me alone.

  11. Natasha .k wrote:

    hello every one i love u all

  12. tara .k wrote:

    y do u all hate me, ur not explaning y,i dont no what i did wrong p.s i hate u all more than u hate me u f*cking poos

  13. tara wrote:

    wtf is wrong with all of u guys! my names tara too and im on tara’s side! u all bite ass. GO AWAY and stop paying out the name of tara.
    u guys are the freaks, talking on some wacked out dreamsite, i was searching my name on the net and this came up. u bring discrace to the names of taras everywhere

  14. hate wrote:

    tara’s are bitches

  15. leslie wrote:

    tara got face-fucked in bolivia

  16. Anonymous wrote:

    stupid stupid freakin tara

  17. tara wrote:

    ur all freekin need to grow up n get real il just turn it around n say i h8 all ur names there so borin n common so there shut up n lets end it cause its gettin sad.
    n who ever started dis omg get a life u sado!!how can u h8 a name dats just lame!

  18. hehe wrote:

    omg ur all sad if these ppl rippin a girl called tara live in america ur’d well get smack for doin stuff like dat,its wellf*uckin harsh, n by the way ur al sados for bein such borin ppl and dat u have accutaly got time to h8 sum one omg is there nothin goin on in ur lifes dat u can accutally do the rip ppl dwn?GET A LIFE BORES

  19. sophie barrett wrote:

    i hate you go and die yours truly sophie barrett p.s sophie4kevinb

  20. Tara wrote:

    fuck you

  21. matt wrote:

    i fucking hate tara r***!!!

  22. becca wrote:

    i slept with tara r*** it was the best i ever had. lol

  23. ebony wrote:

    you know whats sadder than bitching about the name tara… bitching about bitching about the name tara. either get a life or go onto http://www.explodingwhales.com,its gross but strangly funny

  24. oh em gee wrote:


  25. oh em gee wrote:

    and it’ll be funny if you take this serious

  26. Tara hoe wrote:

    Tara is a dum dookie mofo who cant speak english..she is soo annoying..she stands there and nodds…jumps around and should get hit by a train..its like she is on crack..when you try to do something she will yell at you in ruski..what a bitch…hahah I hate her guts!What a slut.She was trained.hahah stale humor agian but then agian she made me go chugah chugah chuu chuuu.

  27. Tara wrote:

    watch your mouth and go to iam an idiot .com it would suite you

  28. Anonymous wrote:

    my name is tara .and i have to say, all these comments are correct.

  29. whoube? wrote:

    Where does the Tara R*** YOU know live?

  30. liv wrote:

    I Hate Tara T! She is sooooo mean!

  31. tara wrote:

    hey my name is tara and you guys suck dont hate me cuz you aint me go get laid then see how you feel!

  32. sarah wrote:

    i am better than all of you.

  33. tara wrote:

    sarah needs a clue this site is called tara i hate you not sarah and no one cares u bysnatch sarah go get railroaded ho hahahaha!!!!!

  34. adam wrote:

    i really hate tara because i went out with a girl called tara and she dumped me and i fucking hate her to bits

  35. Tara wrote:

    i am 9 years old and iam tara you losers and nerds and heres something to remember me by you suck and did you look up iam an idiot.com

  36. Anonymous wrote:

    wtf you are ALLL WEIRD!!! lay off the drugs and get the hell of your computers cause you are talking crap!

  37. Rex Ferric wrote:

    I thought the whole reason Al Gore invented the Internettedwebbedfeet in the first place was for stoners to have a place to ‘talk crap’?…

  38. rich wrote:

    how about all you who are talking bout hating people called tara should stfu cus youve all got a problem…go get some fucking therapy, the lot of yer…oh yeah, and fuck off martin, whoever the hell you are…get a fucking life…..well that fucking felt good to say

  39. rich wrote:

    and to add to that…where did all this get all aggressive n shit, it started off as stupid cute girls getting jobs ^_^

  40. Jay Blake wrote:

    i used to be with a Tara B**** AN I LOVED HER ! i hated her for a whike when she ripped my heart out but its better now an i always love tara b**** an love the name tara good luck getting away fron the haters tara!!

  41. papaspank wrote:

    And this is on the same site as the throughly more thought provoking ‘the internet is s**t discussion.

    Hmm… think the whole existence of this self-absorbed little thread kind of underlines exactly WHY people think that most of the internet is generated by some else’s anus.

    Now please could you all just step away from the world wide web – and try to find something more constructive to do.

    Thankyou very much. Goddnight.

    Love and kisses Papa S

  42. tara/bubbles wrote:

    hi my name is tara and im irish and all you americans are just jealous because all taras are all cute and they are also usually nice ppl so reallt tara got the job cause she is a chick DONT HATE taras are the best love you all the taras out there xxxxxxxxxxxx

  43. Tara wrote:

    MY name is Tara u are crull gitt over it that just means that Tara is better be like her and get the job.

  44. Robbie wrote:

    Every girl that I met with the name Tara is a bitch. There’s one Tara that tops that list, she knows who she is.

  45. Ryan Ay wrote:

    Tara C. is a really dumb bitch

  46. Cameron C. wrote:

    But Cam loves her beautiful smile

  47. Cameron C. wrote:

    Tara C is the most beautiful girl in the world because she is one amazing girl…she is like an angel brought down to the earth

  48. papaspank wrote:

    stop now – please. leave it alone, let it go. Get over yourself… it was a dream, that’s right a dream.

    No-one’s really bothered if you hate this fictional Tara, or if you screwed her every which way but sunday for eight hours whilst you were sleeping.

    It doesn’t really matter.

    It was a dream, you know.. the little head pictures you get when Mr. Sleepy boos comes along.

    stop it now, please


  49. taras older sister wrote:

    omg stop rite now i think theres one girl to blame for all this and dats the person for dreaming about this and putting it up on a web page she the one to blame and she needs to get alife so yami you fucking put dis right and you no wot i wud give sympathy to u if 500 taras came marching at you to scream in you face.

  50. Dougie wrote:

    I happen to love TARA.

  51. papaspank wrote:

    Please – stop wasing time now, you’re just getting obsessed.

    It was just a fucking dream – just the old subconsious manifesting social and emotional hang ups in it’s own funny little way…

    Here’s an idea – why not get the fuck off this poor person’s web space… and do something actually constructive.

    If you find that difficult, then kill yourselves.

    No -it’s not a joke, if you’re so into all this web surfing crap to that degree…

    Kill yourselves.
    You’re only wasting good resources like gas, food and air by pissing about with this crap.
    Kill yourselves – go on.

    Do it now.

    Seriously – kill yourselves, give us all a slightly more intelligent world to live in, with fewer tedious socially retarded fuck-wipes to clog the whole thing up.

    Kill yourselves.

    Love & kisses P.Spank

  52. Anonymous wrote:

    I met a Tara once. She was a real bitch.

    She had once face for God. Another face for White Trash.

  53. papaspank wrote:

    please for the love of all that’s useful and not shit!!

    KILL YOURSELVES NOW – you’re just wasting time here, fuck off and do something constructive, find a cure for AIDS… cancer, become a Doctor.. anything other that wasting your time, and resources like this..

    if you can’t

    KILL yourselves


    Love & kisses


  54. Purgatori wrote:

    I got one to beat all of you guys. My man’s ex is named Tara and she’s the posterchild for what not to look for. Bitchy, fat, beaky nose, vindictive, nasty, stupid doesn’t quite describe it well enough. How’s about a jar of mayo has a higher IQ than her. Did I mention fat?

  55. Jay Blake wrote:


  56. Tara wrote:

    hello my name is tara 2!!! and i am not mean and neither is no one else whos name is tara so back off!!

  57. Tara wrote:

    I love the name Tara. Everyone i meet loves my name…….. I am so proud to own it.

  58. The meaning of Tara wrote:

    OK you guys all hate or love towers? (anyone named Tara would know what i am writing about)

  59. Anonymous wrote:


    This is for you. Dave knew what he was screwin’.

  60. Anonymous wrote:


    And one more thing – you’re no more Christian than white trash is expected to be.

  61. tara... wrote:

    you all need to grow up.

  62. tara wrote:

    eww u guys are rlly obnoxious so who cares if my names tara every1 loves me so shut cho mouths

  63. Tara R wrote:

    OK. This is the Real Tara speaking. I am the greatest ever born. You all know who I am!

  64. Real Tara wrote:

    i am the real tara, and i have a mole on my nose. it is called mount gagazet.

  65. Rob wrote:

    Tara K.,
    Thanks for everything. Have a great life. Goodbye forever, from your best friend.

  66. emmanuel wrote:

    i hate tara aswell only because she killed my dad and my dog bobby :'(

  67. hater wrote:

    I really really hate tara, especially as she spells her name like t-a-r-r-a!! hahahahahaha! what an idiot!

  68. Another know-it-all wrote:

    I know how horrible it is when someone just hates you for no reason and cant even explain why themselves. Its happening to me again just like five years ago and unless its been done to you, you dont really know what it feels like. After a while you reach the point where you blame yourself for everything and then try to kill yourself and the funniest thing of all is that whilst the people who care about you begin to think you are crazy, those who hate you for no real reason just make things up to make you feel even worse. You should never just hate someone because yes since it could cause an unnecessary death.

  69. TARA!!!! wrote:

    WHat the fuck! my names tara dickweeds!!! shut the fuck up…anyone whose name is tara is like way cooler..then like anyone..duh!!!!!!

    [from Emily]


  70. James wrote:

    All Taras ive ever known have been bitches. I hate you all.

  71. Brandon LaFurge wrote:

    heyyy all!

    tara does sound like a bitch. but i would sooo do her. even though i do’nt get much anyways because i’m ugly and look like an ugly fuck. but im up for anything i can get! so call me 12312-22998232-34-2-3423

    love brandon the hot shit =]

  72. Brian wrote:

    I don’t know what you guys are complaining about…i f-ing married that bitch. She’s going to burn me with the iron again when she sees this. help me please all you tara haters. she was born directly from the anus of satan, i fear for my life. let us combine our power and call Captain Tara Hater and deafeat that polluting bitch.

  73. billy wrote:

    I hate brian. Brian did you ever learn how to write? You sputter fragmented sentences like your a retard!

  74. billy wrote:

    I pretty much hate all of you. Wait…….. yep all of you.

  75. 5poppin6droppin wrote:

    I kno a girl named Tara, shes an amazing young girl. I love her very much, and yea so she gets a bit angry sometimes but stil. I love her alot, shes an absolutely wonderful girl. So don’t diss that name, because a name is a name and it has no impact on the person its self.


  76. Tara wrote:

    Might I say this is all quite weird.
    Tara os just a name, it certainly doesn’t make sense to talk about a name. I mean unless you have a problem with an actual peron with the name Tara. So for now this is all a bunch of stupid immature nonsense.

  77. TARA!!!! wrote:

    BITCHES. wtf. u guys are so gay.
    the only person i like is 5poppin6droppin. they seem quite nice. unlike the rest of u bitches!! wtf is yur problem. its just a name. lay off assholes!!!

  78. Tara H wrote:

    Rob, Why are you wishing Tara K. a good life and good-bye forever, when you love her so much?

  79. Tara from UK wrote:

    This is so strange. My name is Tara. This is extremely petty.. some Tara’s are nice and some aren’t but i bet there are many more bitches named sara thats for sure.

  80. tara(: wrote:

    If you guys have a problem with
    this,then why do you waste your
    time reading it? Hm.
    My name is tara,but I ain` offended
    by this ‘cuz it`s not bout me. Relax,this is juss a stupid website.

    Shows how ‘mature’ some of you are.

  81. tara m wrote:

    omfg im called tara and im 14 and i have more sense than yous. im irish not american and thank fuck if thats da way yous americans go on like. and stop fukin bein horrible2 dat girl tara i mean like wdf leave her alone shes just tryin 2 live her life like ever1 else.and tara is a lovely name its irish! woohoo and tara i so wouldnt take this website thing! u could report it 2 the police or the cops lol ever1 here grow up !!!
    llooseerrsssss! love irish girl talkin sense baa!!

  82. Tara ,, R, wrote:

    umm i hate my name… so i changed it from tara to kelsey.. lol

  83. Petey Parker wrote:

    I agree, Tara is a bitch. Shes all like “i love you and everything” and then she doesn’t talk to you again and moves back in with her ex. Come to find out shes pregnant. And she still ignores you, like you meant nothing. what a bitch she is. This website rules!@!

  84. mel wrote:

    I hate tara m*******!

  85. Tara from Canada wrote:

    LMAO..wow this was quite entertaining to read!! I think Tara is a pretty name,its my name and i have never had anyone hate me for it:P but that not to say that everyone with that name is nice.

  86. E wrote:

    I don’t have anything against a name, but my personal experience with a Tara here in New Mexico has been the worst nightmare I could ever dream of.
    Of course that isn’t her real name, she has had two name changes prior to picking Tara R___ .. She has burned too many bridges else where to keep her real name. Hopefully other Taras aren’t as wacko as she is.

  87. Anonymous wrote:

    Let it be.

  88. Jennie wrote:

    i think it is SOO funny that all the guys are saying they hate Tara n not gurls so fuck off!! :)
    Lov Always ME!

  89. ur mom wrote:

    omg whats wrong with Tara’s? if u born with the name u cant help it=[

  90. teeny wrote:

    this is ridiculous

  91. TARA wrote:

    i am the really real tara and im awesome and everyone who doesnt like me can go suck a duck. everyone needs to stop trash-talking tara. and the tara with the nasty mole can remove her comment…girl, you’re making us look bad!

  92. TaRa wrote:

    okay u people have to get over it TaRa is awesome name !!!! Whats ur name it probly sucks so i wouldnt be talking

  93. TaRa wrote:

    Look People u can all go n fuck ur selves TARA is an amazzing name so just get over it!!

  94. tara g wrote:

    yea i agree with tara.. the name is actually quite amazing.. if you look it up youll find that the meanings of the name are pretty cool.. like for example in hindi tara means “star”. there is even a goddess named tara.. so all u haterz need to lay off.. u just wish it was your name

  95. Holly Colston wrote:

    tara is such a freak. one time when we hung out she totally like freakin freaked on me. tara is a mean little squagorginswasher.
    but other than that.. i love my friends for getting me the best christmas gifts ever!!!!!
    better than the ipod my bf is buying me… yeah.

  96. Rachel Ovaries wrote:

    oh em gee.
    i cannot believe tara!
    she went and tried to steal my cat!
    i named the cat frank.

  97. Poleasian wrote:

    yeah guys isnt tara such a douchy name? irish. i cant stand her toothpastey skin it makes me want to be bulimic. ewwwwwwwww. im gonna go to mcdonalds and eat a chicken patty with…mayo and…applesauce. YUM. barf time. pee out guisee <3333 lulz

  98. tara rose m. wrote:

    wow…i hope this stuff isn’t about me! but its weird looking at everyones posts, like im tara rose im 14 and im from canada…haha

  99. really hates tara wrote:

    To Tara. Ran into you today. Your still a piece of crap. Leave me the f alone.

  100. Pixie Dust wrote:

    I knew a nice Tara once, back in 8th grade… But the Tara I know now is the craziest FREAK you will ever meet! She is a psycho with no life and she just sits around thinking about more ways to be psycho and ruin people’s lives. So actually threw herself into a car once to try and get a guy thrown in jail (for pushing her). Wacko!!

  101. Taraa wrote:

    Tarass are sexyyyyyy .

  102. Tara wrote:

    “Tarass are sexyyyyyy” OK, but you forgot to say we’re very easyyyyyy too.

  103. Tara R*** wrote:

    LMAO … i love haters, yall make me famous so keep on hating on me its like all the LOVE in the world.

  104. Im Jaimne w Knox wrote:

    I love men ive always loved men cause men love me men… also tarra is a wonderful person and she beats me to make herself feel important shes sexy she is ok i will get off on this site

  105. Tara Paul wrote:

    lol, I’m Tara. But I think this site is hilarious – I can’t believe all the other Taras taking this seriously, it makes me think that maybe we are all losers. XD

  106. shayee wrote:

    Okay this is sooo wierd! Haha,
    its like 4:30am and I was bored so I searched my name on Google. I didnt actually think anything would come up that would surprise or interst me.. But then I came across this, which quite frankly freaked me out. You people really have nothing better to do than hate on a name? My name was Shay growing up, but when I was about 12 I decided to change it to Tara.. now im changing it back to shayee, cute right? (:
    But that has nothing to do with this thing.. I just want to.. lol, I find it so pathetic that you people gather and make snidey comments about a person u know named Tara, who not neccesarily everyone else knows.. Yeah, u guys should get out more, and for the haters? You should just confront the Tara’s u hate instead of telling random strangers about how much u hate her..
    If she’s so bad then dont speak to her? Or give her a hint so she stops speaking to you? It cant be THAT hard to aviod one person..

  107. Tara Miller wrote:

    OMG!!! I hate me too!!!

  108. Tara Ann :] wrote:

    I actually feel really special. Even though alot of you say you hate Tara. Personally. I looove my name :] so y’all can go suckkkk iittttttt!

  109. Your mother wrote:

    Dude, there’s this girl that I know that’s named Tara, she’s such a two faced bitch. I can’t stand her. She thinks she’s so funny. And she thinks that everyone is her friend. She’s a two-faced backstabber. She talks about this other girl I know and then she goes and hangs out with her and makes it seem like I hate that girl when really Tara is the one that started to talk about her. She can’t get along with anyone. She thinks she’s so “emo” because she cutted herself once or twice. Man, I can’t stand her. I HATE being around her. She pisses me off so bad. And makes fun of everyone. I can’t wait till all of this shit comes back on her.

  110. Tara wrote:

    WOW, People these days! yall need to learn to LOVE and care for one another, dont be puttin peeps down all the time! Some of you put some pretty nast crap on here, thats totaly NOT cool!

  111. reverend tim wrote:

    you’re all going to hell for the sins you have committed here on this fine day. thy shall love your neighber. OBEY or ye shall go to hell

  112. Tara M wrote:

    I was searching my name on from this
    bulliten my friend posted and what the hell….. who will sit here and
    take the mickey out of someone
    because of there name…. talk about

  113. Tara D. wrote:

    Yea this makes no sense. Haha wow guys.


  114. Tara wrote:

    Why r u all picking on Tara.

    I am a Tara and i agree all the Tara’s out there shoul unite and rebel!

    Tara rules!!!

  115. Tara wrote:

    It is so amusing to think someone on here may be wasting their energy hating on me. Glad to be of service.

  116. tara wrote:


  117. mike wrote:

    who the hell is tara

  118. you know who wrote:

    Yep. I still hate you…

  119. jan brennan wrote:

    Ohh, the loathing that happens with just mere mention of Tara…stupid hooker, god damn slimmy dirt bag asshole, that’s right…my feelings must be heard…hating you as well, gladly joining the bandwagon!

  120. TARA HATER wrote:


  121. TARA wrote:

    I am the TARA
    and yes I am a Bitch….. GEt off my nuts …… It probably was a TARA who hurt your lil feelings so get over it and stop hatin

  122. Tara K. wrote:

    um i was bored and i just felt like searching my NAME and on google i saw my name and last name and all this fuckin crap about me and whoever wrote it is such a loser!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!! and who is TARA HATER?????? because i have a feeling who that is….u whore.


  123. Tara780 wrote:

    LMFAO….DONT HATE APPRECIATE!!!!!!-to all taras out there reading this just remember 2 things: they cant hate so much unless they love so much and love me or hate me its still an obsession n if you love me then THANK YOU n if you hate me then FUCK YOU!!!P.S-mY name is tara and YES I AM A TOTAL FUCKING BITCH AS WELL :)

  124. Jesus wrote:


    Taras face smells like poo dipped in cat urine, She has a stupid head..not even flies would land on that stupid head of hers GAWD!, Someone should kick her in the testees

    Tara has a robot vagina

    …and it leaks

    The Tara suffers from an extreme case of CAMEL TOE!!!

    Tara is a puddle of gelatinous slag

  125. TARAHH wrote:

    hey kids you guys seem to have a thing against tara’s i respect your opinions and im just letting you know that what you guys are writting about these other girls is actually illegal… not to mention immature i noticed that there was a 9 year old girl named tara who posted a comment and i am shocked to see that she has to expirence the name calling… serious guys stop… even though you dont like the tara that you know dont treat her badly and make her life a living hell just stay away from her…. serious im suprised that no one has reported this website… its so offensive…

  126. Jesus wrote:

    Dear TarahH

    Why are you here?, you OBVIOUSLY googled i hate tara otherwise how would you find this?

    and why do you spell your name with an H? HOE

    ps. Jesus loves you

  127. anoymonous wrote:

    taras are ALL bitches!!!!

  128. the tara disgracer wrote:

    tara is soooo annoying. it doing it right now

  129. tara hunter wrote:


  130. tara hunter wrote:

    i stuck it in tara b’s butcheeks

  131. tara hunter wrote:

    tara means hill

  132. blazedtara wrote:

    you know you really don’t hate taraaaaaaaa, if you did you wouldn’t write tara in a search, with or without the word hate .
    you wouldnt waste your time ,by the way u know a tara fucking good for you

  133. Tara wrote:

    This is so funny, who is this Tara girl that the dude is complaining about?

  134. Tara wrote:

    wow i didn’t know there were websites strictly devoted to hate mail, u are all name biased.

  135. Destinee wrote:

    Tara, i hate you. im glad i got that out. you are a dumb cunt. thank you.

  136. kattiie wrote:

    i went 2 skool with a girl called tara and she is gaaaayyyy :)

  137. Tara wrote:

    Guess what my name is ;D

  138. Tara wrote:

    I am doing this thing called google and the questionaire thing told me to put….

    “[your name] hates”

    and this site popped up. so random that there is a mile long website that bashes Tara…..don’t hate the player, hate the game! woot!


  139. tara wrote:

    hahaa the tara before me, did the exact thing i did.
    and i saw this and was lie OMG how retarded!

  140. Tara wrote:

    lol this is hilarious! i didnt realize so many people hate somebody based on their name…how so very very immature!
    but it made me laugh :)

  141. twillZ wrote:

    wtf retards, ur a bunch of computer phyced geeks that need to get a hobbie and maybe a life. And by the way i dont see how being a pretty girls getting jobs is an insult spastic, lay off the dope Freaks

  142. taraaaaaa (: wrote:

    um yaa i was doing the same thing like this bulliten on mysapce & it was like Type in “[your name] does” in Google search.
    & this came up ?
    ew are u fucking kidding me ? what the fucckkk you guys are so fucking weird like cool no your just jealous of all the TARA’s out theree cause werr hotttttttt ;] kaaaaaay byee.

  143. tarra wrote:

    i’m doing that google questionaire too and oh man.
    but each to their own, i have met a tara who was a bitch and some who aren’t.
    i was just pissed at the guy who bags girls who spell it T-A-R-R-A.
    i can’t help it, my mum gave me the name, it doesn’t define me.
    grow up.
    this whole thing started over a job, not the name.
    but for the record – we mostly are very cute.

  144. Tara wrote:

    my name is tara and im very young WAA u guys r mean :””(

  145. Tara wrote:

    hay i am taras best friend and are you taras friend

  146. Tara K wrote:

    Unreal you people better get a grip what you say is nothing but jealous hypocrite talk and honestly you all need a slap of reality. Whats the matter your not as good as Tara and that makes you mad. Good luck with your life

  147. Awesome one :) wrote:

    My name is also Tara. Could you be more specific on what Tara you are talking about. Because you’re CLEARLY frustrating others that are named Tara.
    And to whoevers’ subject this is, do you seriously not have a life? I mean, do you have nothing better to do with your life than complain about a stupid DREAM you had about some girl, who would’ve gotten the job because she most likely DESERVED it!
    Seriously, you are sad and pathetic, the lot of you. You can’y aim this at all girls named Tara because we’re all different. But being as dumb as you people clearly are, you wouldn’t know the difference.
    So fuck you who disrespect the name Tara and I hope you die of aids :)

    Good day to you all :)

  148. ktr wrote:

    I know a Tara, and she is a great person!! :) (most of the time)

  149. dinco wrote:

    so i noticed lots of people talking shit..i just need to vent…the tara i know is indeed a two faced beotch… like so many other people with so many other names lol but cuz the theme here is tara i had to say it! whatever tara!

  150. Tara. J. wrote:

    OMG! I’m searching for famous people with the name Tara(like me) and this is what I find. You guys are assholes!
    Us Tara’s are going to get together an kick all you Tara haters asses!

  151. terry wrote:

    i have a sister called tara and she is a total fockin faggot u bitches

  152. Tara W wrote:

    Tara’s a sack cause she just sat and read this when she should be studying so therefore (Tara) I am a sack and i dont know anyone else called Tara so i cant really comment on what other Tara’s are like. x loveee

  153. Mpound wrote:

    I married tara. I have been trying to kill her and she won’t fucking die!

  154. Cooter Shooter wrote:

    Well there was this one time i was masturbating with a pitch fork and i stumbled across a pile of rocks. I did what any self respecting person would do in a situation like this arises and immediately shoved as many rocks in my ass as i could…upon filling my horribles with sexy stones, i came to the realization that pissing out the window and shitting out the window are two different things….and then i came…HARD….with stones in my ass.

  155. Tara wrote:

    Well I hate all of you too!! I am only 12 so I dont think I will be gettting a job anytime soon. GSYS!!!

  156. barmaid hater wrote:

    I hate Tara B****. She slept with my boyfriend, the father of my child. It sounds like Cooter Shooter could have a lot in common with the fat lesbian/bisexual. She smiled and said “I didn’t know”, nice try retard.

  157. rob wrote:

    Tara’s rock

  158. past it wrote:

    I haven’t met a Tara who wasn’t a big fake. They all hide behind pasted on smiles and sneak around behind your back. That name ought to be outlawed, it flaws character.

  159. Tara Q wrote:

    HAHA thanks for all the people who said so much crap on this website. it honestly made my day, i laughed so hard at a lot of these :) it’s just a name and by saying you hate one person named tara doesn’t mean you hate all of them :) just a little life lesson.

  160. dan wrote:

    Tara is such a dirrty bagggggggg!!!

  161. Gia wrote:

    i hate tara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tells ppl stuff she shouldnt tell them!!!!! stupid tara!!!!!

  162. Gia wrote:

    i hate tara!!!!!!!!! shes sooo mean!!!!! nd she likes some1 named some1!!!!!

  163. Gia wrote:

    stupid tara!!!!!

  164. John wrote:

    ya tara is a bitch

  165. Tara wrote:

    Uhm . . . seriously? My name is Tara, and I find it kind of offensive that, because you had a dream where someone named “Tara” got a job and you didn’t, you decide to start a hate board against anyone named Tara. It’s insensitive and spiteful, not to mention ignorant. Plus, it’s really fucking irritated when a friend points out that there’s a website called “Tara, I hate you,” at school.

  166. sylvey wrote:

    i hate tara too.shes my sister and she always attacks mee lyk!!!!

  167. sylvey wrote:

    hi im sylvey.my sister is called tara and she lyk always attacks meee!!!!!!waaaaaa.. :(

  168. danny wrote:

    my girlfriend is called tara and she always picks her nose..yuck!!!

  169. TARA!!! wrote:

    heeyyy ummmmmm my name is tara and…. you guys need to shut up. i didnt steal anyones job!!!! kay? hehe byyyyyeee!!!!!!!!!<33333

  170. taraaa(: hehehehe wrote:

    “I haven’t met a Tara who wasn’t a big fake” ahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahah thanks dude. LOVE YOU TOO<3

  171. TARA wrote:

    TARA MEANS: ALL THE WISDOM OF GOD….So tell your father the prince of nothing but darkness. Words are only words and coming from his children really doesnt mean anything to TARA…Do know though that sissy’s like you haters who do not even use your real name nothing but a bunch of sissy fake wanna be like TARA wannabes. Truth hurts sometimes doesnt it……….Its time to call your Game bluff and win the war against Tara. Careful you know there are 3 Angels watching you and your Evil work. Stand up all Tara’s and shut this game down.!!!!!!!!!So let us be. AMEN

  172. TARA wrote:

    May be its time to really start hating on the name Jimmie, Tammie or maybe Laurel or whoever hates Tara so bad that they started a website for this.. AHHH maybe not since that would bring us to your level. You know jealousy, hate, and your I dont have any self esteem cuz I am weak makes TARA stronger than you. So use your full names when speaking hate or be deaf dumb and blind, cuz I am all up in your psyche and since you taught me tara play the game right. hmmm looks like i am 10 steps ahead in this game. Thank you to all of you for helping (or not) I am sure your justice is about to be served, and I didnt even have to do anything you all did to each other. Bye Bye

  173. God King Pinapple wrote:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Tara is such a stupid bitch >:3 she acctually stole my job ass hole so the guy who made this page is even bigger of an ass hole I bet him and tara are in league with each other to steal all the jobs in mankind!

  174. Tara wrote:

    i am Tara. i like myself. judge people on their personalities, and not their names. haha
    this website was the most random thing i have seen today. thanks for wasting five minutes of my life :)

  175. Tara wrote:

    and my boyfriend found this page to make fun of me and show me that im apparenty hated by alot of people thank you adam! you fucker

  176. Adam wrote:

    Tara stole my icecream! bitch…

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