And The Internet Melted

Once again I have reduced myself to a puddle of gelatinous slag. This time, it was going out to the desert for the weekend, on the grounds that “joshua trees are pretty” and “camping is fun”. It’s all true at night, but after trying to walk up one hill during the day I was forced to retreat to the air conditioned shelter of a Burger King and watch Fox News for two hours while the sun went down, lest my brain be frizzled and my nose turned to dust.

My brain was frizzled anyway, of course. But the sun eventually went down, enough to run around exploring the limits of camera in low light. Even with a tripod, they’re pretty annoying limits, and I think it may be time to move back into the realm of film – if I can find a sufficiently cheap old manual 35mm. Or else to explore the realm of electrical engineering and try building my dream camera: an old-school fully manual system with digital image capture in the back.

Intractable shutter and stubbornly useless autofocus aside, though, I took some nice pictures. I would post them, but even though the lights are blinking on my hub, there is no network at home. I think it’s gone for a nice winter vacation in Tierra del Fuego or someplace. Bleah.

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