Recall Candidate Blogs

Howard Dean’s got a blog. It’s trendy. There should be multiple gubernatorial recall candidates with blogs; so far, I’ve only found William Tsangares, who is running on a “Recall Arnold” platform and selling goofy Republican T-shirts. Readers actually interested in democracy, as opposed to the tabloid circus coverage I intend to provide, should scroll down to August 9th or so and read his thoughts on signature collection requirements. He points out some practical barriers to candidacy, most notably the fact that all signatures must be turned in to the signer’s county of residence, rather than the county in which the signature was collected, which can make for a fuck-ton of driving around.

Speaking from my butt, I suspect that this requirement is in place because the various County Recorders are not on efficient speaking terms. However, this doesn’t seem like a serious barrier to any candidate with real grassroots support, so there’ll be no thoughts on restructuring the voter registration system from me today.


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