Someone’s Expense Account

The Company sent me up to the mountains on Thursday, to learn how to properly classify and catalogue mud. I’ll be up there all next week, too, learning how to drill holes to China (or bedrock, whichever comes first); this weekend there will be a fabulous house guest to play with. So even less nonsense than usual for a while.

That said, let’s get on with the fan mail.


Yes, fan mail. You are my fan. Stop asking questions.

Your search box doesn’t work! Fix it!

Oh. Erm, try it now – the default template is still there, which is a bit embarrassing, but not quite as embarrassing as the interior of my car and house, which I should really get to cleaning. Anyway it seems to work again.

dear liza

Is there a hole in your bucket? Why not just buy a new one? If you’re really extravagant you could buy a bucket full of ice cream, and have the bucket when you’re done with the ice cream. Mm.

Monkeys can spot a raw deal when they see one.

Not if they’re pirate monkeys wearing an eye patch! (you need stereo vision to spot raw deals)


See? The monkey didn’t spot the raw deal. Instead, it is eating the raw banana.

Monkey over and out.

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