Small Comforts, and a Movie Marathon

Small consolations in the wake of Guvenah-Elect Ahnold:

  • Trumping all the “my governor can beat up your governor” cards from Minnesota.
  • The occasionally professional accordion player came in second-to-last.
  • Both bullshit ballot initiatives were killed quite dead.
  • Governor-elect Schwarzenegger has appeared in about 40 real movies, and many more schlocky TV specials and “The Making Of” documentaries. Combine that with the complete oeuvre of Ronald Reagan, and a “Governors of California” movie marathon will last until the next election.


  1. Rana wrote:

    Did he really make that many movies? Whoa.
    I’m very amused about the Jesse-Ahnold comparison, having just moved from Jesse-land. Maybe someone could arrange a celebrity death match episode about this? Only problem — which version of Arnie would they pick? Conan? Terminator? Or What?

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