Nitrate Pumped Nabokov

Any spammer called “Lolita” ought to have the tongue-tumbling, somersault-through-rapids literary stylings of Nabokov. And they never do, duh.

There’s a blacklist plugin coming tomorrow morning, hell or high water if you believe the entry title. I’ve gotten a few spam comments lately, nothing unmanageable, but trickles do become floods if one isn’t careful.


  1. codeman38 wrote:

    ::smirk:: I love the Nabokov comment, having received far too many of those same spams myself (and having deleted them all shortly thereafter, naturally). I ended up just blocking the entire class-C IP address used by the spammers and renaming my mt-comments script (since the spammers always hit it directly, with no referrer), but I’m planning to install the blacklist plugin soon after it comes out as well.

  2. Timofey Pnin wrote:

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  3. yami wrote:

    Pnin, you are a buttery mille-feuille of ironic allusions. But what kind of porn site do you represent?

  4. Lachman Dave wrote:

    Ain’t no disgrace to be poor – but might as well be.

  5. Anonymous wrote:

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