Joe Jonah Euclid

Joe Jonah Euclid was (and possibly still is) an endearing type of delusional nutter, who posted his flyers around the Caltech campus my freshman and sophomore years. I haven’t seen any fresh material in quite some time; but whilst cleaning out my file-box I came upon this one. Spelling is preserved, formatting is attempted. It seems to speak to important issues of our time, as well as the tail end of the dot-com boom when it was written.

Joe Jonah Euclid                  2000 0210
Please Consider the hypothetical possibality that
the Internet is better than the Cosmic Consciousness.
Both provide communications at a distance and
any number of people can join in at any time.
It does not matter IF we Debate this.
It does not matter IF people have the wrong opinion.
It ONLY matters IF it is TRUE.     Long Term.
The younger generation will mostly Learn the Internet.
When they Hear Of   the Cosmic Consciousness, it is not better.
Because the Internet Equally Well provides the Communications.
Thru some Years, there is a smaller and smaller number of people
Practicing the Cosmic Consciousness.
One Day   they let up a little bit, and then
Society has Fewer Bizarre Disastors & Senseless Crimes.
There are research programs to Monitor this fine grain.


  1. william wrote:

    Just the other day I was asking myself why there have been so few Bizzare Disastors & Senseless Crimes lately. Yay, Internet.

  2. Tim wrote:

    We’re collecting Joe’s works at the above address. Hope you don’t mind if I link here and use the essay above.

  3. JR wrote:

    Joe Jonah Euclid is the name for MIT graduate Timothy A Gill ’67. He used this name while living on O Street in Washington DC in the mid-1970s. He then showed up in California using the name Joe Euclid. no one is sure just what he is doing now, but he is still in the CA area using his real name Gill. While at MIT he was a Bible Study Leader, member of the Young Republicans, and the Para-Psychological Research Group Vice President & Treasurer. he attended the EC Grass HS in Lynchburg, VA and once lived in Liverpool, NY in the 1960s.

  4. GeeBee wrote:

    Tim is now posting regularly at UCLA.

  5. N. Peter Armitage wrote:

    I knew Joe as a grad student at Stanford and then later when I was a postdoc at UCLA. He’s an endearing fellow. His family orginally was from Sheboygan WI. His father owned some kind of mold making factory there (IIRC), which is brother now runs (as of ~ 6 yrs ago).

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