Pride’s Downfall

Vaingloriously tracing search engine hits has inevitable drawbacks. I just found a blog devoted to the bathrooms of Iowa City (which has gone untended for a couple of months, leaving a trail of comment spam that’s about as interesting as a prescription drug-themed IRC chat log* – but actually better because Xenical asked the whole room out for beer).

The abandonment of this blog leads me to a novel hypothesis: the bathrooms of Iowa City have all disappeared! No one has mentioned it in the press, because everyone is very embarrassed by the whole affair. Drunken UI frat boys continue to pee as usual.

Also, the spout box is working again.

*In what way are chat logs like cheese logs?


  1. ester wrote:

    oh man, and i thought i wanted to go to iowa BEFORE …

  2. Betsy wrote:

    Thanks for posting on my blog! Oh Iowa, at least you live in Iowa City (the only place in Iowa one can actually call “cool”).

  3. yami wrote:

    Not no more I don’t! I remember a creeping horror from deep in th’ gut upon reading a list of “10 fun things to do at Grinnell” where #3 was “go to Iowa City”…
    “Cool” is perhaps not the word I would choose- “nice” is closer to the mark.
    Which is in sharp contrast to L.A., which is definitely cool but not particularly nice.

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