PiE Day

Last night, in honor of National Pie Day, I went back to campus to be a creepy pie-making alum. And made a couple pies, natch. Though several creepy pie-eating alums (and some students, even) had been warned in advance, there were still wanderers-by to call in.

Hey! It’s National Pie Day! Have some pie!
Pi Day? Isn’t that in March?
It’s today. Have some pie! It’s got blackberries and mystery cactus… no, not that kind of mystery cactus, and not prickly pear either. I saw it at the store. I think the name ended in tl.
Are you guys, like, practicing for Pi Day?
Look, the American Pie Council is the only organization committed to promoting America’s Pie Heritage. They don’t truck with this nerdy math junk. Have some pie.

Upon further reflection, the cactus fruit probably was a variety of prickly pear – but it was most definitely not labeled “tunas” in the store. Perhaps the Farm Fresh Ranch Market is promoting some kind of Mexican linguistic nationalism in its produce section.

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