Narrative Coherence Can Suck A…

  1. The international grapefruit-flavored pop competition is over; Mexico wins. Whichever country provided the marketing impetus for pink grapefruit Fanta is second, of course, but minus points for being unable to convince a solid multinational distribution network to pay attention. Meanwhile, the kiss of NAFTA is all it takes for scrappy lil’ Pe afiel to appear in stores near me. There’s a laissez-faire fairy tale here somewhere.
  2. Cletus is officially off the list of potential names for the latest cousin-in-the-oven. Great. How long do I have to wait before I have a cousin named Cletus? You’d think, with the number of babies in the family, at least one of them would be named Cletus, Harpo, or Knud, but noooo
  3. Yeah, it’s an old link, but Jimmy Carter is awesome.

    The smallest child, named Shadrach, reminded me of our grandson Hugo, who always has clean water to drink and will never be afflicted with three-foot-long worms developing in his body and then penetrating his skin to emerge over a period of several weeks through a painful sore that may cripple him for life.


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