hey look I’m trendy

Apparently tie-dye and ducks are mildly trendy among a small clique of livejournallers. Who knew?

Not me, at least not until I checked my actual referral logs and not just the sitemeter. Those krazy kidz have been pulling medium-sized jpgs off my server every time they reload their own pages during study hall. I’m not wholly satisfied with my automagically generated hotlinking-protection, but until I write myself a better set of .htaccess files, that’s how it’s gonna be. If you are scrambling your referring URL with some kind of cutesy software, no pictures for you!

Livejournallers, no pictures for you either until you upload ’em to your own server(s). And sweet jesus fuck please learn to spell.


  1. Rana wrote:

    Bandwidth pirates! Ooh, bad LiveJournalers!
    (How does one go about blocking them, anyway?)

  2. yami wrote:

    One blocks them by putting a couple lines of code into one’s .htaccess file (or one’s crazy non-Apache equivalent); my host’s account control panel has a tool to do this automagically, dunno if typepad would allow anything of the sort.

  3. Toby Michel wrote:

    Hi Green,
    I am Toby Michel from Santa Monica and I recently used one of your dark blue tie dye images as a sample background in a street parking decal for a friend in Malibu. Guess what? He liked it and wants to use if for the year 2016. I am writing to ask your permission to use this image and if you send me an email link I will send you a copy for your approval.
    More about me can be found at angelespress.com or toby_michel@mac.com or

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