Personalized Follow-Up

From: campbellsoup @
To: yami_mcmoots @
Subject: Re: 2237666A

Ms. Yami McMoots, we received your message and appreciate your taking
the time to contact Campbell Soup Company about our Franco-American
Where’s Waldo Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Cheese.

We continually evaluate our packaging in an effort to provide products
that are environmentally friendly, with an emphasis on providing a
safe, value priced, quality product. Extensive consumer research is
conducted prior to introducing any packaging changes. Nevertheless, we
realize that consumer preferences differ and not everyone will be satisfied
with every change.

Your satisfaction is our greatest concern and customer feedback like
yours is critical to our success. We have forwarded your comments to our
Quality Management Team so that they may benefit from your input.

We have sent you a coupon for the Campbell Soup Company product of your
choice via the mail.

Thank you for visiting the Campbell Soup web-site.

Campbell Soup Web Team

Score one for ecofeminism – even the Campbell Soup Company knows that we will never end patriarchy without first re-evaluating our relationship with Mother Earth. And soup in the mail, fuckin ay!


  1. Rana wrote:

    Nothing can be bad that results in free soup.
    (What a strange non-letter, eh?)

  2. stir wrote:

    dude! you totally won! today campbells — tomorrow THE WORLD

  3. Graham wrote:

    I’m so going to make “soup in the mail, fuckin A!” my new catch phrase. Don’t worry, Yami — I’ll remember you when I’m famous.

  4. yami wrote:

    Okay, but do you promise to disavow me if you go down in infamy?

  5. Paul C. Hassler wrote:

    I’d like to share this. The new easy open lids are a pain when you try to get creamy soups out with a rubber spatula. Well if you have this problem; I found this can opener that cuts from the side and it takes the flip top right off, then the creamy soup doesn’t have that lip to hang up on. Boy am I a happy camper now, because I really like my Campbell soups. Thanks to this can opener I’ll continue to use Campbells products and enjoy them as I’ve done all my life, I’m 62 yrs. old. Thanks Campbell!!!

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