Now I Need Big Pots

Mad props to the folks at the Path Project for hosting a pleasant afternoon with ducks and a highly civilized seed swap. Though if it had come down to an out-and-out brawl for the choice tomato varieties, I’m sure I could have held my own.

Which is not to say that I need more tomatoes; the tragic death of a young Siberian Peasant still haunts my best sunny patch, so the seeds saved from an heirloom two-pound beast will need to go in containers on the patio. As will the cucumbers. The sunny spot goes to corn, beans, and watermelon; the shade will be getting some angelica, assuming all goes well with the stratification period in the fridge. My fridge has demonstrated its ability to nurture fuzzy blue mold, but I’m not sure how all that fridgy love will translate to angelica seeds.

Items to purchase or scavenge this week: peat moss, big buckets. And here’s hoping the compost at the bottom of the barrel is actually ripe and not just smushed.


  1. Anais wrote:

    Hello, Yami!
    Thanks for coming to our first seed swap (and thanks for bringing the delicious quince bread mmmmmm)
    As I said before you are more than welcome to drop by and spend a bit more time in the garden and the quirky animals.
    Happy Gardening!

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