Customize Your TV Dinner!

Sorry for the politics, we will now return to our regularly scheduled complaints about food packaging copy. My frozen meal was all excited about how the “flavorful sauce” came in its own little tray compartment, enabling me to customize my lunch experience by dipping the vegetables into the sauce, or pouring the sauce over the vegetables, whichever I prefer, and really, how dumb is that? It’s like the tomato soup ads (to pick on Campbell’s Soup again) urging your children to “express themselves” by sprinkling on some grated cheese, setting the bar for creativity so low that I finally understand why some people are impressed with my crappy homemade grocery-tote (I’m impressed because it hasn’t fallen apart yet, but that’s another matter entirely).

Can I decoupage tupperware without destroying its non-toxic, freshness-sealing essence? I’d really like all my lunch containers to have baffling ad copy, not just the ones I get when I’m too lazy to make real food.


  1. Rana wrote:

    I bet you could, if you kept the ad away from the sides and used some of that clear plastic stuff over the top. It might make it a pain to wash, though.

  2. yami wrote:

    Mmm, washing is important, though dishwasher-safety is not (dishwashers are for wussies). My main worry is cracking/peeling problems with the clear coating…

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