Double-Spacing After Periods

Here’s something I wish my boss would read. Our corporate house style is incredibly un-stylish.

Sometimes I rebel by putting internal documents in Helvetica instead of Arial.

[thanks to G for the link]


  1. Nessa wrote:

    Dude, that forum gives me the same feeling as if i was forced to watch some librarians wrestle over Duey. if it wasn’t moderated by HTML=fascism, there’d be blood of typeologists spilled.

  2. yami wrote:

    It’d be much more fun with fisticuffs. And brass knuckles with “love” and “hate” set a la linotype!

  3. MN wrote:

    It’s Dewey.
    And it matters. Take a look at a catalogue. Or a novel. Or any newspaper. Even this e-mail type compensates for a period. Here’s what it looks like with two: It’s a great big honking gap between sentences. It’s distracting, when the whole purpose of a double space when typing was to help with typewriter spacing, which didn’t automatically adjust for letter width and punctuation placement. See?
    It’s not hard to change. I did it.

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