Al Qaeda Wuvs Widdle Georgie-poo?

Just in case you’re thinking of using the “Al Qaeda wuvs you!” line of political attack: a letter received by the London-based quotidien Al-Qods Al-Arabi claims that Al Qaeda does, in fact, wuv widdle Georgie:

En fait, il n’y a pas de diff rence entre toi et Kerry mais les d mocrates sont suffisamment rus s pour maquiller l’infid lit et la faire passer pour de la modernit , pour tuer notre nation arabo-islamique. C’est pourquoi nous voulons ta victoire, Bush le criminel

[In fact, there’s no difference between you and Kerry, but the Democrats are sufficiently tricksy to make unfaithfulness pass for modernity, in order to kill our Arabo-Islamic nation. That’s why we want your victory, Bush the criminal]

Of course any schmoe can write a letter and sign it “Brigades Abous-Hafs Al Masri/Al Qaida” but if we don’t assume that all Arabic-speakers have intimate insight into the hopes and dreams of terrorists, what kind of journalists are we? What kind of Americans are we? I’m shocked that this letter hasn’t gotten more Anglo press (Desbladet excepted, of course).


  1. des wrote:

    Al-Qaeda isn’t really an organisation so much as a brand, and its at the cutting edge of out-sourced lean manufacturing techniques. (Do libertoonians endorse the terrorisme as a heartening symbol of how much more effeciently mayhem and murder can be perpetrated by private organisations than by the sclerotic gubmint military industrial complex? Maybe I should get myself a sock-puppet blog and do it for them.)
    I double-took when I saw this quoted on the BBC (it’s not there anymore):

    We need to remember that there is an ideological component to al-Qaeda’s existence; this is not a criminal gang that can be rounded up and put behind bars; it is the lethal center of a spreading virus that has wholly perverted the minds of thousands, while distorting the thinking of millions more.
    It is a virus that will continue to spread until the right medicine is found. So what then is the remedy? I believe it begins with confidence.

    But then I remembered who Albright was, and that there was a time when the FDRUSA was just the USA. We’ve come a long way since then, for sure.

  2. yami wrote:

    Look, we here in the FDRUSian amateur pundit corps have a responsibility to give personalities and motivations (preferably transparently evil motivations) to all world events, legitimate teleonomic agents or no. You just can’t have a palatable free’n’fair news opinion otherwise.
    But do set up the puppet blog, trolling X-treme anarcho-capitalists is rilly rilly fun (if I’ve learned anything from following comment threads on legitimate political blogs). And ain’t the blood feud system in hinter Pakistan a great example of how private law enforcement might work in Yon Yootopia?

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