Widdle yukkie poo!

There was a slug on my rhubarb – a baby slug. Awwww! I let it crawl around on my thumb for a while; it left an ickle trail of slime.

Allowing something to leave a trail of slime on your thumb creates an inviolable bond of hospitality, so I couldn’t just pour on the salt. I ditched the baby slug on a tree trunk far away from my garden. It exuded a slimy rope and rappelled down, twisting in the wind as it searched for suitable habitat. It stretched out its eye spots with all the exuberance of youth!

I hope it gets eaten by a bird.


  1. rannva wrote:

    I wanted to buy a bag of lettuce. “Spring Mix” to be more exact. So I went to Vons and picked up a bag of “Spring Mix”. But – as I held it up to inspect the lettuce inside I spotted something unusual; a grasshopper! Or a cricket. It was still in one piece. Just completely dead and resting on a bed of lettuce. Must have accidentally been trapped as the bag was filled at the factory. I didn’t buy that particular bag. I gave it to one of the people working in the produce section. The guy kept staring at the cricket in the lettuce bag for a long time – and I instantly knew he would have a great story to tell.

  2. yami wrote:

    Yeah, it’s much less gross to find bugs on your food when your food is still growing in your garden. Growing like gangbusters, even! I always forget about fertilizer, then I’m surprised when I feed and it works. Go rhubarb!

  3. Rana wrote:

    I want a garden!
    Even though I am still squicked by having to pick tomato hornworms off the plants as a child. Yewks!

  4. Amanda wrote:

    Are tomato hornworms those little white flying bugs? Because, bleargh. They squicked me out too when I was growing up and my mother was growing tomatoes in our front yard. But I still love the strongly green smell of growing tomatoes nonetheless.
    I’ve been trying to grow plants indoors, but I think I need an apartment that’s not at basement level to succeed at that.

  5. yami wrote:

    Do you have steps or a patio or anything? I spent way too long last night looking at pictures of tomatoes in five-gallon buckets on gardenweb – I have room for one more in the dirt, maybe, if I sacrifice sweet corn space, but the rest are going into self-watering contraptions based on 18-gal storage totes from Big Lots. Silly landlord with his “lawn” and “roses”…
    No hornworms at all so far, knock on wood.

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