In Which I Am Excited About Compost

  1. Graham Leuschke – your grandmother’s mathematician, or not? I suspect not, unless there’s something about your grandmother’s mathematician collection that you haven’t been telling me, O Dear Reader. In any case, I quite enjoyed meeting him for coffee on Saturday. I’m all, like, intensely secondhand connected to the l33t Internet snow monkey zeitgeist society now, and stuff, so there!
  2. They’re hatin’ on the evolutionary psychology down at Crooked Timber – here and here. Go join! The comment threads are in grave danger of being bogged in their own meaningless seriousnesses.*
  3. I tried leaving a message with a particular local hotel re: Item 1, but they refused to write it down (in Cyrillic or otherwise) and leave it under the door. It’s way hard to leave an answering machine message in a foreign character set. One more reason to deplore the ubiquity of voicemail.
  4. My birthday is also Space Invaders Day; how cool is that?
  5. My odometer rolls over in ten miles, i.e., tomorrow morning. You are all advised to steer clear of the 210 eastbound, as I will be driving around dangerously fixated on my dashboard.

*Who else thinks the expression “bogged down” needs a trim? I hate prepositions today, and wish that I spoke Finnish instead.


  1. Rana wrote:

    I love watching the odometer turn over!
    How many miles?

  2. yami wrote:

    100,000 baby, yeah! I don’t think Metros are ever supposed to make it to a second turnover.

  3. Rana wrote:

    I’m impressed! Mine just turned over to 74000. What’s scary is that, except for the eleven miles that came with it, all those miles represent _my_ butt in the seat!

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