Someone Misses Someone Else

Someone is pointing fingers:

jocelyn wertz

Yes, she is awesome and we have the same birthday but I haven’t seen her for years! Are you stalking her, I can’t help you with that.

Update 13 Apr: hmm, maybe I can help you with that. But first you have to answer just one question: Dude, what the shit?

Anyone else who wants to find someone I went to high school with, please put their name as Googlebait in your own semi-coherent natterings. I’m not the alumni association, you know, and I can only handle so many small-world Internet coincidences.

Longer spout from danny:

if you run into joe euclid, please ask him to e-mail me. he was an icon around Stanford before he got to caltech. we lost contact, but tell him that i ran into Irwin who told me that he (joe) was in the Los Angeles area.

Sure thing, though I’m not sure I’d know Joe Euclid from Millikan Man. If any of you dearest readers run into him, pass on the message, eh?

Purple Alert! Purple Alert! Your daylight is unsafe!

Oh yeah? It’s all kinds of safe now, thanks to Time and the Pacific Ocean! They have teamed up for some serious daylight-saving. It’s like the Justice League, but better because Martian Manhunter never helped me spend more time in the garden after work, and Wonder Woman doesn’t have tide pools.


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